Watch Charger for Fossil Gen 4,gen 5,Replacement Charging Stand for Fossil/MK/Skagen/Emporio Armani HeartRate Smartwatch,Black

Price: $15.99
(as of Nov 29,2023 21:10:37 UTC – Details)

Compatible With the smartwatches listed below,
1.1/Fossil Gen 5 Garrett
1.2/Fossil Gen 5 julianna women(FTW6035,FTW6036,FTW6054)
1.3/Fossil Gen 5 carlyle men(FTW4024,FTW4025,FTW4026)
1.4/Fossil Gen 4 Sport Heart Rate(model:FTW6022/FTW6024/FTW6025/FTW6026/FTW6027/FTW6028/FTW4019/FTW4021)
1.5/Fossil Gen 4 Explorist HR (Model:FTW4011 FTW4012 FTW4015 FTW4016 FTW4017 FTW4018)
1.6/Fossil Venture HR(Model:FTW6011 FTW6012 FTW6013 FTW6014 FTW6015 FTW6016 FTW6017 FTW6018 FTW6023)
1.7/Fossil Women’s Gen 4 Sloan HR(Model:FTW6040…FTW6043)
2.1/Michael Kors Access MKGO(Model:MKT5070 MKT5071,MKT5072,MKT5073)
2.2/Michael Kors Access Lexington 2(MKT5077 MKT5078 MKT5079 MKT5080 MKT5081 MKT5082)
2.3/Micheal kors Access Rounway(Model:MKT5044 MKT5045 MKT5046 MKT5047 MKT5048 MKT5049 MKT5050 MKT5052 MKT5053 MKT5054 MKT5055 MKT5056 MKT5057 MKT5058 MKT5060 MKT5065)
2.4/Micheal kors Access Sofie Heart Rate (Model:MKT5061 MKT5062 MKT5063 MKT5064 MKT5066 MKT5067 MKT5068 MKT5069.Not work with sofie without heart rate)
3,Skagen Connected Falster 2(Model:SKT5100/SKT5102/SKT5103/SKT5104/SKT5105)
4,EMPORIO ARMANI Smartwatch with heart rate(model:ART5006/ART5008/ART5009/ART5010/ART9005.)
5,Kate Spade New York Scallop 2(KST2008 KST2009 KST2010 KST2011 KST2012 KST2013 KST2014)
6,Misfit vapor 2/Misfit vapor X
7,Diesel ON Fullguard 2.5 Smartwatch(Model: DZT9001).
For the smartwatches which are released later then this charger and not listed here,please check picture 2,our charger may also work.

Rapid charging: charge up to 80% in an hour
Buit in Magnetic,will hold your watch sturdy when charging
easy to charge ,Plug the USB cord into a power source and connect your touchscreen smartwatch to the magnetic pad to charge automatically
Easy customer service,Any problem with the product or question,just let us known12 Month Warranty,Unconditional replacement or refund.

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