themoemoe Kids Smartwatch, Kids Smartwatch with GPS Tracker Waterproof Phone Smart Watch 1.44 Games SOS Alarm Clock Camera (Pink)

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Product Description


Themoemoe kids smart watch phone with so many function, unique designed for 3-12 years old kids, IP67 deep waterproof and comes with more durable structure design and the most advanced technology.

How to set it up?

1. Insert a correct mirco-sim card.

2. download the application SeTracker2

3. Register with the registration ID on the back cover of the watch.

4. Log in and get all the features.

Install the Setracker App. And then scan the QR code behind the watch to register an account. If you can’t register it or it show “Device number already registered”. Then please provide the IMEI number to us , we will help you register it successfully.







LBS Tracking

A child tracker smart watch with LBS positioning technology. Parents can track the child’s movement and set a safe area in the “SeTracker” APP. If they are not in the safe area, the APP will notify you. The positioning function of LBS depends on the local signal and GPS base station. When the child’s signal is not good, the positioning error is 0.3~5 miles.

Math games

The function of the watch also has math games, which develops children’s intelligence, which not only brings joy to children but also helps with learning. It is the best gift for children.

Two-way conversation

You can call your child, and your child can also call you. You can set 10 phone numbers on the watch to be synchronized to the watch. The watch is only compatible with the US 2G network GSM SIM card. Then, you can call them at any time or send a message in any way.







SOS Emergency Call

Kids Smart Watch, when in distress, kids can press the SOS key for 3 seconds to circularly call families’ numbers for help. You can set up to 3 SOS numbers. Great help for kids in emergency situation!

Classroom mode

When children are in class, parents do not need to worry about whether their children’s smart watches will disturb them. Parents can set 3 time periods in “Do Not Disturb” mode. This feature will prohibit all functions, such as calls, games, and cameras, except for SOS emergencies.

Water-proof watch

Made of IP67 material, there is no need to remove it when it rains, dives, swims, washes hands or cleans in daily life. Children can swim and shower freely within 1 meter. (Do not use in hot water, hot bath or sauna, do not press buttons under water).


How to select a correct sim card for watch?

1.You need to buy a SIM Card separately, we recommend SpeedTalk Mobile Card in US.

Recommend to open 5 dollar/month plan, included 100 min Call / 100 MB / 100 SMS.Don’t support AT&T,Sprint, Verizon network format.”

2.smartwatch watch SIM card needs to be enabled GPRS function and caller ID function, must be compatible with 2g of data traffic, watches currently only use 2g of data traffic.

3.If the Kids smartwatch didn’t work/ device offline, please check if you choose the correct area when you register the APP firstly. In US need choose “North America”


Kids smart watches have multiple functions and are the best gifts for children’s birthdays and Christmas days

Package includes:

1 x Cute gift wrap

1 x Smart watch

1 x USB cable

1 x User manual

🌊【WATERPROOF SMARTWATCH】The latest upgraded waterproof ip67 version, with international waterproof and dustproof level, it is not necessary to remove it when splashing rain, diving, swimming, washing hands or washing others everyday life. Kids can swim and shower freely within 2 hours and 2 meters depth. (Not in hot water, hot bath or sauna; Not press button underwater).
🚩【AGPS+LBS POSITION】GPS (AGPS) and Local Base Station (LBS) tracker smartwatch, with Double Position Technology, give your children double security. Realize all-day real-time location tracking, more accurate positioning, But when Kids are indoor or at poor GPS signal place, the positioning error range may be 0.5~4 miles.(If you mind, please do not buy)
⌚【MULTI-FUNCTION SMART WATCH】Waterproof, Support Two-way call, LBS positioning, SOS emergency call, Camera, Flashlight, Voice chat, Anti-throw, Remote voice monitor, Clock, Math game, etc. Parents can control and set the watch through the APP. Communicate with your child is very simple you can talk to your child anytime, anywhere to share the mood, caring about the situation, parent-child interaction everywhere.
🆘【TWO-WAY COMMUNICATION & ONE KEY SOS】Kids can make and answer call via parents have set contacts phone number. The watch can be set to 3 emergency numbers. When the child is in danger, press the SOS button, it will call 3 phone numbers for SOS calls alternatively in 2 rounds until answering the call. In addition, Parents can track children’s real-time location through the App Store or Google Play “Setracker 2” app.
🎁【BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS】Cultivate the children to have a strong sense of time and camera can record happy time. There is also a mathematics game in the smart watch, which can increase the children’s fast math calculation method. Every kids to enjoy entertainment and learning. Easy to use child-friendly setup that comes in an adorable design that kids love.If you have any questions about your child’s smart watch, please feel free to contact us via email, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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