Verizon AT&T Cell Phone Signal Booster Tri-Band 700MHz/ 850MHz Band 5/12/ 13/17 Mobile Signal Booster Amplifier FDD 3G 4G LTE Cell Phone Booster Repeater for Home Verizon AT&T T-Mobile US Cellular

Price: $265.98
(as of Sep 26,2023 19:53:39 UTC – Details)

Product Description

cell phone signal boostercell phone signal booster

Boost Cell Signal from 1-2 Bars to 3-5 Bars, Faster 4G Data Speed, No More Dropped Calls!

tri band cell phone boostertri band cell phone booster

mobilel phone signal boostermobilel phone signal booster

cell phone signal amplifiercell phone signal amplifier

Technical Points:

– Operation Frequency:Band 5/ 13/ 12/ 17

– Max. Gain: 65dB

– AGC LEVEL:Uplink:-45.00, Downlink:-56.00

– Operating voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, DC12V/2A

– Tips: (1) The booster work with Band 5/ 13/ 12/ 17 700MHz, so please kindly confirm the network frequency before order.

(2) It could only make the weak signal stronger, it couldn’t create signal; so the outdoor antenna should receive 2-3 bars of stable signal in the location where it’s mounted, or the signal booster couldn’t work well.

Say Goodbye to Poor/ Weak Signal – Consistent Cell Reception, Powerful Coverage

Cell Phone Signal Booster, Mobile Signal Repeater for Home, Office, Villa, Basement …

JACOOL signal booster boost data signal and also helps on voice/ calls, with it you will get more stable signal when streaming video or movies, never annoy with frequent network buffering.

This repeater boosts voice, text and 3G 4G LTE data; and it can improve signal for multiple users simultaneously, so all your family or friends can share one booster for more fun.

The cell amplifier increases signal strength in home/ office up to 5,000 sq. ft.. Faster data speed, stop dropped/ missed calls.

1) Works with Verizon/ AT&T/ T-Mobile Band 5/13/ 12/ 17 700MHz 3G 4G network frequency.

2)Directional indoor wall-mount panel antenna provides wide coverage for larger living/working areas by broadcasting signal in the direction it is pointed.

3) Outside yagi antenna makes for the easiest home signal booster installation – just put it on your roof, hook it up, and power on.

cell phone signal repeater

cell phone signal repeater

4g lte signal booster

4g lte signal booster

cell phone signal booster for rural area

cell phone signal booster for rural area

cellular signal booster

cellular signal booster

Installation of Outdoor Antenna

Mount the outdoor panel antenna at outside place where receives the strongest signal from cell tower, and point it in the direction of tower.
APPs: LTE Discovery and Network Cell Info Lite can help you find out the best signal location.

Installation of Indoor Antenna

Mount the Booster device somewhere inside the house and find a place to put the indoor panel antenna.
The signal amplifier should be mounted in a place where have good ventilation.

Installation of Coaxial Cables

Connect the coaxial cables to the indoor/ outdoor antenna and the indoor/ outdoor ports of signal booster.
The distance between indoor and outdoor antennas should be over 22ft and make sure a proper physical separation between them.

Installation of Power Adapter

Connect the power adapter to the booster and power socket, then its LED Display will on and start working.
Note: the booster kit could only make the weak signal becomes stronger, it couldn’t create signal.

cell phone booster for homecell phone booster for home

▶【Support Multiple Cellulars & Uses】 – – The cell phone amplifier boosts cell service for iPhone, Samsung, HTC etc all brand phones and support multiple users at the same time; offering all users crystal clear calls and uninterrupted data, enjoy a more relaxed family life or a more productive workplace.
▶【Larger Coverage Upto 5000sq.ft.】 – – The cell phone booster comes with High Gain indoor panel and outdoor yagi antennas, it will bring you good cell connection cover up to 4,000 -5,000sq. ft. in your home, office, villa, garage, basement and so on. The outdoor antenna should be pointed to the near signal tower to get better reception, download “open signal” app.
▶【Excellent Features & Easy Setup】 – – The cellular repeater has the functions of Automatic Gain Control, Inactivity Mode and Oscillation Elimination etc., once it is well installed, it can adjust itself for better performance no matter how signal condition changes. Requires no technical experience, plug and play, easy and convenient to install.
▶【What You Get & FCC Approved】- – 1*Cell Phone Signal Booster, 1*Outdoor Yagi Antenna, 1*Indoor Panel Antenna, 1*50ft Coaxial Cable, 1*16ft Coaxial Cable, 1*Power Adapter, 1*User Manual. With FCC authentication certificate, and three-month replacement service with defective product.

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