LAIKETE 12″ 3D Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier with Bluetooth Speakers, Anti-Blue Light Cell Phone Screen Amplifier Enlarger for Movie,Video and Gaming, Compatible All Smartphones

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(as of Jun 03,2023 20:41:42 UTC – Details)

Sold by: YIBOS
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Tips: The mobile phone screen amplifier has a mono speaker (on the right), the sound is loud and clear enough.

Watching videos and movies on mobile has never been so comfortable!
More and more people use smartphones to watch videos or movies, but watching a small screen for a long time becomes very uncomfortable and may even damage eyesight. If you, family, children often use mobile phones, but hate staring at the small screen to watch, then our screen amplifier is very suitable for you or as a gift to family and friends.

Key Features:
1)- Anti-Blue Light. The 12″” 3D HD Bluetooth phone screen amplifier protects eyes from fatigue and myopia.
2)- Speakers for projector adopts diaphragm technology and has a stereo sound effect. It can be used as bluetooth speaker alone.
3)- Cellphone projector with hands-free function. Answer calls when using Bluetooth, freeing your hands and making extremely comfortable.
4)- 2 charging methods: 1.Battery charging(1* rechargeable battery) as a emergency powerbank to charge your phone. 2. Use the usb charging cable to charge directly.
5)- Folding design for business travel. You can use this phone projector anywhere.

1. The best distance to watch the video is 20-60 inches.
2. This 3D curved screen magnifier is recommended for use in low light environments, and the viewing effect will be more obvious and outstanding. It is not recommended to use in a backlight and reflective environment.

The above 2 points are very important for HD display

Package Includes:
1* Phone screen magnifier
1* Bluetooth speaker base
1* 18650 rechargeable battery
1* USB charging cable
1* User manual

【Small Screen Solution】- If you watch many movies and videos on your smartphone, and want to reduce the visual fatigue and discomfort caused by focusing on a small screen for a long time, then our smartphone screen magnifier is a perfect solution!
【Watch Movies and Videos Like ipad】- The working principle of the screen amplifier is just like the screen of a mobile phone projector, which effectively expands the screen size and obtains a screen effect similar to that of iPad.
【HD Lens & Clear Hands-Free Bluetooth Speaker】- High-definition acrylic 3D lens + ABS frame, clearer than ordinary lens, to avoid visual fatigue. After connecting to Bluetooth, there is no need to pick up the phone, just press the hands-free key to answer.
【Gift for Family and Friends】- Solve the problem of small screen and blue light on the mobile phone, and protect the eyes from myopia and radiation. The best choice for holiday gifts for family, friends, loved ones, movie lovers and game partners.

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