Glowing Call Flash Luminescent Glass Anti-Fall Mobile Phone Shell Illuminated for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case 6.5″ (SUP)

Price: $15.99
(as of Feb 27,2024 03:17:39 UTC – Details)

Does it support wireless charger? how it works?
This case absolutely supports wireless charging with no need to remove the case. Call, text message, bright screen (lights red) Listen to the song (flashlights, speed will flash according to the rhythm of the song)
you will love it.

It came broken and wouldn’t turn on, can I get a new one?
Yes, seller send me a replacement for free

It is water proof?
It is not water proof.
Exclusive to you: Cool glowing glass shell, When you listening the music ,the back light will flash according the music Rhythm,it is very cool than the other phone case. Specially formulated for iPhone

The mobile phone case uses smart LED lights. The power supply is DC voltage and the voltage is low, so the power consumption is very small. The use of physical light sense, the light intensity is strong, and it is very uniform, which hardly affects the mobile phone power consumption.
After connecting the mobile phone, there will be light when there is sound. The product quality is guaranteed. When using it, be careful not to fold it to the connection line.
Follow the flash, after the data port is connected to the mobile phone, the mobile phone case will change different light according to the rhythm of playing music.
Full Protection, the protective case covers every corner of the phone,the appropriate thickness makes the phone not only remain good feel but also anti-scratch and anti-shock.

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