MONET Slim Wallet with Expanding Stand and Grip for Smartphones – Black Night

Price: $14.99
(as of Sep 26,2021 16:39:28 UTC – Details)

Product Description

monet phone wallet phone gripmonet phone wallet phone grip

Discover How You Can Protect Your Smartphone AND Conveniently Hold All Your Money & Credit Cards!

Are you looking for a premium smartphone case that can also hold your cards and money bills?

Did you know that the most common reason for replacing a smartphone is falling and dropping accidents?

Why not combine two benefits and get an exciting phone wallet case that will protect your credit cards, shield your phone from potential damage AND help you keep your complete peace of mind?

Presenting The Ultimate Slim Wallet With Expanding Stand & Grip By Monet!

This black slim wallet features two pockets that can hold credit cards, IDS, business cards and cash, making it your perfect companion every time you leave your house!

Plus, it can securely hold your smartphone while making sure you never accidentally drop it to the ground. Simply hold your phone with your fingers, even when you’re texting or taking selfies!

monet phone walletmonet phone wallet


Why invest in a costly smartphone and not take the proper measures to keep it safe and protected at all times? Even if you do get a screen protector and a phone cover, your phone can still take a lot of damage if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

However, holding your phone with your fingers in the Monet grip will dramatically decrease the possibility of sliding off your hands and falling to its doom.

And the best part? You can still use Monet if you want to text or take a selfie!

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip

monet phone wallet grip


Use Monet as a kickstand for your smartphone and facilitate easy reading, movie-watching and face timing without holding the phone in your hands!

As long as you have a flat surface available, you can effortlessly use this feature either on your desk, your bed or any table!


Monet utilizes a smart grip that reduces your need to super stretch and strain your fingers when using a large screen.

Especially if you are an owner of a PLUS smartphone, you will definitely appreciate this feature!


The Monet slim wallet phone case comes in various colors for you to choose from!

Light Blue, Purple, Black Night, Boogie Brown, Light Gray, Orange Tang, Steel or Supreme Red, choose the color that best suits your character and unique style!


Whether you own an Apple iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or any similar smartphone, Monet is an essential accessory that will protect your phone and ensure your ultimate comfort and convenience while using it.

Are You Ready To Experience The Difference A Premium Wallet Case Can Make?

It also packs a slim grip that slides flat when your phone in your pocket and slides open when you’re holding it.
The MONET offers a secure grip for any smartphone when you need it and slides flat when you don’t.

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