Next 14/2 Speaker Wire – 14 AWG/Gauge 2 Conductor – UL Listed in Wall (CL2/CL3) and Outdoor/In Ground (Direct Burial) Rated – Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) – 250 Foot Bulk Cable Pull Box – Black

Price: $94.99
(as of Oct 04,2023 20:21:15 UTC – Details)

Performance & Specs
We build wire right: no sub-standard materials and no reduced conductor or jacket thickness. In short, this is the wire we would install in our own homes:
– 14 gauge, 2 conductor speaker cable (also known as speaker wire, audio wire, audio cable, stereo wire, stereo cable)
– Full thickness, 14 gauge/awg conductors; no skimping or reduced thickness
– High performance, 105 strand, oxygen-free copper conductors
– 100% copper conductors; no inferior copper clad aluminum (CCA)
– Black outer jacket
– Red and Black colored conductor insulation
– 250 foot bulk payout box

Time Saving Features
Speaker wire isn’t the most exciting product in the world, but we still found a way to pack ours full of features that will save you time and and eliminate frustration:
– Proprietary winding technology and massive payout hole combine to eliminate kinks and tangles as wire is pulled out of the box.
– Reinforced handles, super-strong cardboard, and a water resistant coating ensure that the box can withstand a lot of abuse.
– Foot markers ensure that you always know how much wire is left in the box.
– Room labels allow you to keep track of which room (and wall) each wire goes to.
– Rip cord and low-friction tissue make it easy to remove the outer jacket when terminating.

Our speaker wire gets installed in your home. That’s why we take fire-safety ratings seriously and why all of our wire is tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), the industry leading testing laboratory:
– In-wall (CL2/CL3) rated
– In-ground (Direct Burial) rated
– Approved jacketing material meets all applicable fire safety standards

OXYGEN-FREE COPPER (OFC). Oxygen-free copper conductors result in less signal loss and are more durable than conductors made of copper clad aluminum (CCA).
CL3 + DIRECT BURIAL. Fire safety rated for in-wall use in Class 2 (CL2) & Class 3 (CL3) circuits in residential low-voltage applications. Direct burial rated for in-ground installation without conduit. All testing performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).
SUPERIOR BOX. Patented winding technology & massive payout hole eliminate kinks and tangles. Reinforced handles, super-durable cardboard, & water resistant coating keep the box in one piece.
TIME SAVING FEATURES. Quick-strip sleeve & ripcord reduce time spent terminating wire. Printed foot markers & room labels help with project management.

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