Mint Mobile is offering free data within COVID-19 for next month

Mint Mobile is offering free data within COVID-19 for next month until April 14, 2020.
Mint Mobile Is Offering Free Data
Mint Mobile Is Offering Free Data

Ryan Reynolds’ preferred wireless carrier is providing free information to help combat the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. As of April 14th, you can get free 3GB data package from Mint Mobile even if you have never subscribed before.

To get the data, download the Mint Mobile App (Android and iOS), tap the “Account” icon at the bottom right of the interface, and then press “Buy More Data” under the heading Payment. Then you have the option to “buy” a 1GB or 3GB data bucket. Choose the next option. You will need to pay for the data by credit or bank card, but then Mint Mobile will refund your purchase. You can continue to add data as you use more, though you’ll need to go through 95 percent of your current allocation before adding another 3 GB to your account.

“These last few days have thrown the world into an unprecedented moment of uncertainty where reliable communication is of the utmost importance. As your communication provider, we feel it’s necessary to do something that could possibly help all of us navigate this tough time a little bit better.
Starting 3-15-20 through 4-14-20, Mint Mobile will be providing all current and new customers with FREE unlimited high-speed data add-ons.” Mint Mobile informed there website.

News Source Mint Mobile Website

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