Smart Watch, Eurason New Full Touch Screen activity watch, Fitness Tracker with HR Monitor, Sleep Tracker, Step watch, IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch Compatible with iOS, Android for Men, Women (black)

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Date, steps, calories burned, etc. can be checked from the app. Synchronizing with Bluetooth is convenient because you can quickly check detailed data of any day while watching exercise data from the Japanese application. In addition, we measure “deep sleep” and “light sleep” based on how much the body is moving during the sleep quality of the day. You can also measure when you fall asleep and when you wake up, so you can diagnose if you are sleeping well.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof

The IP68 dust and water proof design can be used not only for hand washing and face washing in daily life, but also for swimming. And measure your physical condition in real time. Sweat, rain, and water are perfectly acceptable. (Note: bathrooms, saunas, hot springs, hot showers, etc. cannot be worn, and hot water steam is the main cause of breakdown)

Sleep diagnosis

The advantage of recording sleep quality and measuring quality is that knowing your sleep status can help you change your habits. For example, if you can learn the fact that you were going to sleep well, but you were actually only sleeping lightly, you would be able to solve the problem.







Activity meter

Without having to go to a wristwatch-type smartwatch or a professional playground or gym room, you can track your daily activity with this smartwatch alone. For example, steps, calorie expenditure, and exercise distance are recorded. When paired with a smartphone, all exercise data will be synchronized to the dedicated app GloryFit. Clearly grasp your exercise data, plan your exercise and work and rest time rationally, and spend a healthy day.

Menstrual cycle management

Record women’s menstrual cycles using a dedicated application with features for female users. It is useful for physical condition management and is a strong ally of women.

Camera Remote controller

You can control your phone camera to take a photo,it can choose 3,10 seconds delay on wach to take pictures when you go out or in party.




1.3 inch full circle TFT screen

Resolution 240×240

Lithium battery 180mah


Basic skills

Here are some basic functions of the watch

Dynamic heart rate

Blood pressure test

Sleep monitoring

Female Physiological Reminder

Remote camera

Sedentary reminder

Raise your hand to bright screen


▶ Incoming / Email Notification Smart Watch is a comfortable smart bracelet that can be linked to phone calls and messages. If you wear a smartwatch, your smartwatch will vibrate and notify you even when your iPhone is in your bag. You can check 10 kinds of news and messages such as Twitter and Facebook.
▶ Features for women & features for women users. Using a dedicated application, you can record your menstrual cycle and predict your period, ovulation date and pregnancy.
▶ Sleep phase and exercise mode can automatically measure sleep time and sleep quality. By tracking your daily sleep status, you can understand your activity balance, which is useful for checking your sleep quality. Scientifically measure day and night activities. It can mainly measure steps, calories burned, distance traveled, and activities in various scenarios in daily life. Speed and distance are displayed in real time while running.
▶ IP67 waterproof & super long-lasting IP67 certified, so you can use it for swimming, swimming, as well as for everyday hand washing, rain, sweat, etc. (Because it is not completely waterproof, please avoid it when diving or hot water such as hot springs.) With 180mAh large capacity battery, it can be used for up to 7-10 days if you charge it for about 2 hours!

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