BOZLUN Smart Watch for Android Phones and iPhones, Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Sleep Tracker Step Counter for Men and Women (Gold)

Price: $54.99
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smart watch womenssmart watch womens

android smartwatchandroid smartwatch


The app the watch synchronized supports iOS 8.0 and higher & Android 4.4 and higher operating systems and Bluetooth 4.0

Four colors are available: Black, Gold, Pink and Purple

Wrist size from 5.7 to 7.9 inches fits men and women

1.56 inch diameter, 0.33 inch thickness body size

Rechargeable lithium polymer battery, 5V 1A USB charger

Bozlun B36 Smartwatch

Bozlun B36 smartwatch reveals insights about your body and your fitness, because the better you know yourself, the better you can be.

The more you wear B36 smartwatch, the more you learn about yourself and your workouts so you can start making changes that matter.

1.04” Color Screen: The smartwatch has an IPS color touchscreen which can be seen clearly in bright light

Waterproof: The B36 smart watches are IP68 waterproof and can be worn in the shower and during swimming

Durable & Lightweight Design:With aerospace-grade aluminum, a smooth-flush case and 31g ultralight weight, B36 smartwatch is comfortable and durable

7 Day Battery: A multi-day battery life keeps insights and inspiration coming day and night. Varies with use and other factors

heart rate monitor watch

heart rate monitor watch

Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

smart band

smart band

Heart Rate Monitoring

The smartwatch will track your heart rate automatically and continuously, and you can look into details and history information on the app.

Activity Tracker

The fitness tracker will record how many steps you took, how much distance you covered and how many calories you burned in a day.

Connect with the GPS on your phone and the activity tracker will record your speed, pace, covered distances, calories burned, running time and the running route.


If you turn on the notifications switch on the “H band” app, your tracker will alert you when you receive a message.

Sleep Tracker

Sleep Tracker

android smart watch for women

android smart watch for women

smart watches for android

smart watches for android

Sleep Monitoring

Record how long you are asleep and how much time you spent in each sleep stage to get an analysis of your sleep quality.

Function for Women

The smartwatch records a woman’s menstrual cycle and reveals the different phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle in different patterns. (It appears only if the sex was set as female)

Shake your tracker or tap the active area and your phone will take photos automatically.

Fitness TrackersFitness Trackers

Other Features of the B36 Fitness Tracker:

Quick View: To preserve its battery, your screen turns off when not in use. It wakes up automatically when you turn your wrist towards you(known as Quick View). You can set the start and stop time and the sensitivity on the app.

Sedentary Alert:The tracker will alert you if you sit too long. You can also set when to start or stop the alert and how often the tracker reminds you.

Silent Alarm: The tracker can gently vibrate to wake or alert you with its silent alarm feature. You can set it to recur every day or on particular days of the week only.

Stopwatch: Time events with ease and accuracy. B36 smart bracelet can time full events and keep track of split times.

Compatibility: The app the watch synchronized supports iOS 8.0 & Android 4.4 and higher operating systems and Bluetooth 4.0.

Bluetooth: The bluetooth connection range is 65ft in barrier free environment, but it will be shortened and vary in a complicated environment.

Note: Please know that the cardiac functions of this watch should only be used as a reference.

Notifications: Receive the incoming phone calls, SMS messages and emails with text, as well as notifications from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snap and other mobile apps, without missing any important messages
Functions for Women: Help record a woman’s menstrual cycle and it appears only if the sex was set as female. Each phase of the menstrual cycle will be shown on the tracker screen with different icons which can be turned on or turned off in the app
All-day Activity Tracker: Know how many steps you took, how much distance you covered and how many calories you burned in a day. You can also record this information separately in an exercise or training including your real-time heart rate
More Practical Designs: The B36 fitness watch is IP68 waterproof and can be worn in the shower and during swimming. It is 1.1oz ultra lightweight for long wearing and has an IPS color display for clarity. Other practical functions, such as camera remote control, sedentary alert, and silent alarm allow you to benefit more

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