(Two) Stretchy Cell Phone Stick On Wallet Card Holder Phone Pocket for iPhone, Android and All Smartphones. (Aztec)

Price: $8.99
(as of Oct 06,2022 10:54:03 UTC – Details)

Product Description


Thanks to payment tech there’s really no need for wallets any more, but many card holders shift or easily fall off, leaving cash or cards on the street.

Cardly Phone Card Holder’s patented adhesive sticks to any phone, is re-stickable, & doesn’t leave sticky residue on your expensive phone.

Get Cardly & start experiencing the ease of a truly Minimalist Phone-Wallet today

Phone WalletPhone Wallet

Phone PocketPhone Pocket

Phone PocketPhone Pocket

Just Big Enough for the Essentials

Carry your everyday essentials without the pocket-bulging excess of wallets or large cases.

Only use 1 or 2 cards? The stretchy material contracts to hold them snug.

Cardly Configurations

● Up to 4 Cards: Credit, Debit, Driver’s License, Points Card

● 2 Cards, House Key, Cash

● 1 Card, Car Key, Office Key Card

● Dream up your own

Phone WalletPhone Wallet

Works with Nearly All Phones & Cases

Each Cardly Card Holder fits nearly any phone or case with space on the back at least 2 ¼” x 3 ½.”

Fits These Phones & More:

● iPhone 10 compatible

● Google Pixel 2 XL compatible

● Samsung Galaxy S9 compatible

● Any older model of smartphone or case with at least a 2.25” x 3.5” space on the back. Cardly is almost exactly the size of a normal credit card. Works as a phone case card holder.

May not have the best stick on cases that lack a smooth surface such as ones with ridges or texture.





Cell Phone Wallet

Cell Phone Wallet

Re-Stickable & Strong

Changing phones? New phone case? Transfer & re-stick the patented 3M adhesive without losing stickiness.

If you didn’t stick it perfectly the first time, peel off, adjust, and re-stick.

Replace Wallet | More Space

One less bulgy pocket, one less piece of clutter in your bag.

In the age of pay-by-phone & smart locks, wallets are an item the next generation will never know.

Strong Stick | No Sticky Mess

When removing Cardly to transfer or re-position, no sticky mess is left behind.

Our patented adhesive provides all the stick with none of the mess. Important for maintaining the pristine condition of the phone.

REPLACE – Replace your wallet with a phone pocket, easily put credit cards in the back pocket and cash or keys in the front
TWO UNITS – You receive both of the marble designs in the image, one dark and one white. Save one for later or give it to a friend
NO RESIDUE – The patented 3M adhesive leaves no residue on your phone case or phone when removed
HOLDS A LOT – This stretchy material allows you to easily and securely fit four cards in the back plus cash and a key upfront.

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