Cell Phone Amplifier Signal Booster Home 4G LTE Band 13/12/17 Verizon AT&T T-Mobile Straight Talk 700MHz FDD Antenna Signal Booster Mobile Phone Signal Booster for Home

Price: $159.99
(as of Sep 28,2021 10:31:35 UTC – Details)

Product Description

cell phone signal boostercell phone signal booster

cell phone signal boostercell phone signal booster

signal boostersignal booster

Product Specifications:

Frequency: 700MHz

Supports: Band 13/12/17

Max. Gain: 65dB

Power Supply: 12V 2A

Port of Booster: N-female

Indoor Omni Whip Antenna

Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna

Reminder: Test your cell phone band first.

Warm Reminder:

1. The booster can only amplify signal but can’t create signal.

2. Please make sure you get 2 bars signal outside, it won’t work if there is no signal existing.

3. This cell phone booster boosts for multiple cellular devices simultaneously, supports Band 13/12/17.

4. Please confirm if your cellphone band is covered by the booster before purchase.

What will you benefit from the signal booster?

1.Clearer voice and fewer dropped calls.

2.Faster data uploads and downloads.

3.Longer battery life and lower cellular radiation.

Verizon signal boosterVerizon signal booster

How it Installs?

1. Locate Signal

Walk around your building and see which side receives the best signal on your phone using your bars, or free signal meter apps.

2. Outdoor Antenna

Install the outside antenna on your roof as high as possible, pointed toward your carrier’s cell tower, and on the side of your home that receives the strongest cellular signal.

3. Connect Cable

Connect the included cable to the outside antenna and run it inside your home to the port labeled “outside antenna” on the booster.

4. Indoor Antenna

Place the indoor antenna in an area where the signal is poor. Then run a cable to the “inside antenna” port on your booster.

5. Connect Power

Once you have decided on the ideal location of each component, power the booster with the power supply.

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

01. Get 2 Bars Signal Outside

The booster can not create signal, make sure there is no less 1-2 bars signal outside, if no existing signal, it wont work.

02. Install the Outdoor Yagi Antenna

Fix the Yagi Antenna on a Mast/Pole with U-bolts and Screws, Yagi should be towards to the nearest Base Station. Connect the Yagi to 50ft outdoor cable, Stretch the outdoor cable to Indoor.

03. Receives Signal

The Outdoor Directional Yagi Antenna should be mounted on the roof and point to the cell tower to capture outside signal.

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

cell phone signal booster

04.Connect the Cable and Whip Antenna

Connect the 50ft Outdoor cable to the Outdoor BTS Port of Booster Host, Connect the 16ft Indoor cable to Indoor MS Port of Booster Host.

05.Connect the specified 12V Power Supply

Finally, connect the power adapter to both of the booster power hole and Outlet, Installation completed.

06.Expands Singal

The indoor Whip Antenna should be hang on the wall or on the desk middle of the room to broadcasts the boosted signal to all cellular devices.

Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster improves Data and Voice quality on the network. Antenna for Cell Phone Signal Booster enhances the voice calling quality, get clearer voice at home, no longer need to go outside to make phone calls, no longer need to go outside to make phone calls.
Covers up to 2,500-3,000 sq. ft. in your home and office. Suitable for Remote Area-villa, garage, basement and so on. Supports multiple devices and users simultaneously.
Easy to set up, solve your bad reception, get excellent cell signal service, all parts are including in the box and no technical experience required, just follow the instructions in the included booklet. if any question or your using experience less than perfect in anyway, please do contact us.
Because different regions have different frequencies, the booster works only at the correct frequency. If the frequency is incorrect, the booster will not work. If this problem occurs, and I will solve it for you. We agreed 30 days money back. 90 days replacement for any defective unit.

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