Fully Covered Flat Style Universal 0.025mm Wipeable Superb Tactile Feeling Waterproof Anti-Dust Keyboard Cap Cover for Laptop 13.3 Inch Hospital/Dentist Use [3 Pack]

Price: $14.99
(as of Dec 04,2023 21:59:49 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

Dear Valued Customer,

In our years of development for keyboard protective solutions, we have developed many different types of keyboard covers for different usage criteria—and this Universal Keyboard Cover is designed based on the needs of customers who desire a quick, and semi-disposable solution.

The Universal Keyboard Cap has a thickness of 0.025mm, with premium-grade TPU, the product does offer:

1. The original tactile feel of typing on your original keyboard, as if it was uncovered.

2. A universal construction to save customers’ time of looking for the custom-made sizes and layout to match your current keyboards.

3. Easy disinfection with a flat surface without worrying about the grooves and space under the keycaps, and can be freely disposed of when replacement is needed due to high traffic or heavy usage.

We do remind you that if you are a heavy user and prefer a thicker or more durable option, we strongly recommend our Silicone Keyboard Cover for you.

We also understand that the Universal Keyboard Cap is not a beauty as other customized keyboard covers; instead, it looks more like a shower cap (hence named Keyboard Cap.) We hope to at least address that, they are born to be functional solutions for specific needs, and moreover we hope that you could see how it could help you to serve its purpose.

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

Universal Keyboard Cap 3Universal Keyboard Cap 3

WORLD’S THINNEST PROTECTIVE CAP – 0.025mm durable material provides a superb tactile feeling and excellent typing experience.
FULLY COVERED – Compare other keyboard covers, our Keyboard cover blocks dust, liquid spill (coffee/beer/milk), contaminants into your keyboard.
TURN KEYBOARD INTO A FLAT SURFACE – Easily swapped and exchanged.
EXTEND THE LIFETIME OF YOUR KEYBOARD – Without a keyboard cap, dirt is stuck in the keyboard for a long time or water sprinkled on the keyboard, it will reduce its lifetime.
EXCELLENTLY SUITED FOR CLEAN WORKSPACE – Clinics, hospitals, the foodservice industry, and manufacturing clean rooms.
Dimensions: Fits Keyboards 13.39 inches to 14 inches (340 to 360 mm) Wide, Vertical Fit: 8.2 to 9 inches (210 to 230 mm) Deep

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