RFID Blocking Mobile Phone Holder Anti-Tracking Anti-Spying GPS RFID Signal Blocker Pouch Case Bag Handset Function Bag (Black)

(as of UTC – Details)

1)When the mobile phone is placed in the outer layer, the radiation of the mobile phone can be effectively reduced, and the mobile phone does not influence the use of the mobile phone;

2)When the mobile phone into the inner layer, close the lid, not only can prevent radiation, you can also screen the phone signal

The portable mobile phone, long wave radiation hazards to human body; Radiation protection, essential for pregnant women , Anti radiation, no signal, anti degaussing

The identity cards, bank cards and other IC magnetic card, placed inside the bag, can prevent the information leakage and degaussing.

Maintenance: wipe with clean water or a small amount of detergent, not dry cleaning, exposure, ironing, and bleaching.

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Size: 19cm X 10cm (mobile phone with 6 inch screen)
Material: The RFID Blocking Bag use high quality oxford cloth outside, the Ionized silver anti radiation material is inside.
Technical parameters: attenuation strength 90dB ; Functional efficiency: 99.99%
Color: Black/Red/Green/Pink/Khaki/Orange/Silvery/Purple/OEM
Functions: radiation protection, anti degaussing, electronic information leakage prevention, anti location, anti tracking and so on.

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