Crystal Quartz Phone Grip – Natural Geode Stones with Gold – Collapsible Socket Holder & Stand for Cell Phones and Tablet (Labradorite)

Price: $19.99
(as of Nov 27,2022 11:43:43 UTC – Details)

Take the power of healing crystals everywhere. Which will you equip?

ROSE QUARTZ: Centered around the heart chakra, it attracts love and allows you to express love on a deeper level. Helps increase circulation, lower blood pressure and aids in arrhythmia
AMETHYST: The manifestation stone. Tied to the upper chakras, this crystal will help you find your purpose and bring all your earthly dreams to life. Boosts the sympathetic nervous system and balances hormones
LABRADORITE: The stone of transformation, this will raise your consciousness, improve intuition and aid in development psychic abilities. Known to banish fear and insecurities, aid in memory and regulate stress/anxiety
GOLD: The master healer. Gold clears negative energy from all chakras. Our crystal phone grips are encased in gold because it amplifies the healing properties of other nearby crystals and minerals, making your phone grip all the more powerful


  • 1 crystal phone grip with heavy duty adhesive
  • 1 padded and protective storage box

Material: Natural Labradorite 
Base Color: Black
Size: 1.5 – 2.5 inches in diameter

  • Pop the grip up once to use as a stand, pop it twice to use as a grip
  • Heavy Duty adhesive backing sticks to most smooth surfaces, phone and tablet cases
  • Clean and dry the surface thoroughly before application
  • To apply, simply peel off the backing, position and press down firmly for 20 seconds.
  • These are larger than tradition plastic grips/stands and work best on larger phones and tablets


PRACTICAL MAGIC: We know, we know- They’re absolutely gorgeous and a statement that’s sure to bring you loads of compliments. But they’re also extremely functional! A pop up phone grip for easy texting and angling the perfect selfie. A collapsible phone stand/ tablet stand to watch video or set up a photo timer. Increased grip so you never have to experience the panic of dropping your new phone again (we feel you!) Collapse your phone holder for a low profile and easy fit into a pocket or purse.
KEEP IT REAL: Our stones are always 100% gemstones and crystals, NOT synthetic material. Our crystal phone grip comes in Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Labradorite, showcasing the stones natural colors and sparkle. These raw, natural crystals are never artificially dyed or polished and will not smudge, transfer, run or fade.
100% ONE-OF-A-KIND: No two geodes are ever the same. Your stone will not be identical to the one pictured. Each crystal is hand cut and buffed so your phone holder will be completely unique to you. Enjoy your exclusive little piece of the Earth
YOU ARE POWERFUL: Crystals and minerals are formed by nature and loaded with its raw energy and power. Each type of stone has unique healing properties that will interact with your energetic field. See the product description below to learn about the properties of our stones and discover which will be best suited for your metaphysical goals.
**IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BUYERS** Please be aware that these crystals have been left in the rawest form possible. This means the stones will be: Various shapes and sizes | Larger and heavier than a traditional plastic grips | Occasionally matte in appearance, as we don’t use unnatural polishes | Naturally flawed with small indents, cracks and imperfections created by Mother Nature | *Please note that over time the gold can oxidize, fade or weaken. Please be gentle when handling your crystal

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