48 Piece Dinosaur World Puzzles for Toddlers 2-4 Year Old Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids Ages 3-5 Boys and Girls Gifts with Storage Bag and Puzzle Stand

Price: $9.88
(as of Nov 22,2020 20:44:35 UTC – Details)

This 48-piece wooden puzzle game shows a picture of the dinosaur world. By combining this fantasy scene, learn about the lost dinosaur era.

This brightly colored children’s puzzle toy is housed in a sturdy wooden tray, which provides a stable playing surface and is easy to store. Puzzle games are a special way for children to develop cognitive, physical and emotional skills.

When children are committed to solving decorative and thematic puzzles, they will also develop hand-eye coordination and fine and rough motor skills.

Problem solving and logical thinking are also vital life development skills. Children can learn by playing puzzles.

We design each toy in accordance with the highest quality standards and cultivate our minds and hearts. This puzzle will be your best gift for children

Intimate collocation and design: We specially match the puzzle with an exquisite storage cloth bag, which is convenient for children to quickly organize them when they are not in use. It also comes with a set of jigsaw brackets, which can be used to put the jigsaw puzzle as a home decoration and put it in a suitable position. The puzzle has a thick wooden plate with a small hole at the bottom. As long as the finger is gently moved, the child can quickly restart the game.
Wooden jigsaw puzzles: Wooden jigsaw puzzles have a strong structure and durability, especially our 3-5 year old children’s jigsaw puzzles are made of high-quality wood, even rough children can play for a long time. Unlike paper puzzle games, paper puzzles are prone to deformation and warping.
Exquisite patterns: Our 3-year-old children’s puzzles use heat transfer technology, which can greatly display the original colors of the patterns. Bright patterns and bright colors help children’s visual development and also attract children to focus on this problem. A good jigsaw puzzle can calm young children, so it is very suitable for giving jigsaw puzzles as gifts to 3-year-old children
How to play: For 3-year-old children, how to start the puzzle is a problem. Parents can accompany young children and guide them to complete puzzles. Starting from one corner of the puzzle, complete the four sides according to the logic of the pattern, and then slowly move to the middle. As we all know, a puzzle is a toy that uses logical thinking. In fact, when completing jigsaw puzzles, you can also train children’s hand-eye collaboration ability and fine motor skills.
Great gift: The ultra-low price makes you have no pressure when choosing it. Whether it is a holiday or a birthday party, you can choose a variety of styles and more quantities to meet the needs of giving multiple children. And when your child is tired of playing these 24 puzzles, you can donate the puzzle or give it to young children. It is one of the most suitable gifts for children at Christmas.

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