Divoom Ditoo Pixel Art Gaming Portable Bluetooth Speaker with App Controlled 16X16 LED Front Panel, Also a Smart Alarm Clock (White)

Price: $94.90
(as of Nov 28,2021 08:44:26 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Ditoo is your best desktop companion.Its a great little thing to have on your desk, and the multitude of animations and other art available to put on it is limitless.

Great decor

table decor

gaming decor

enjoy music anytime

Just LOOKING at it makes you happy,Sparked so much simple joy in you

Six reasons



Durable Mechanical Keyboard

The ‘Outemu blue’ style mechanical keyboard provides a clicky response and feedback, which adds an essential essence to the Ditoo vintage design.

rgb screen

Vivid Rgb Customizable Screen

Ditoo features a CRT style monitor as its main display. The retro appearance is completed with the classic 8 bit pixel art animation. Pixel art, text messages..Surprise audiences by your imaginations.

SD card

Support SD Card Muisc

Divoom Ditoo is not only support wireless audio but also SD card music.

Rear bass port

Rear bass port

Ditoo rear bass port offers an enhanced bass experience. Divoom audio engineers fine-tuned every acoustic detail, and use the internal wind pipe and bass port to create that rich bass note.

The keys on Ditoo are unique in that it uses mechanical keyswitches usually found in keyboards, which adds to the theme of a small retro computer



new friends



Mini Games

Divoom Smart is the universal companion APP for the Divoom pixel art speakers Create and share your designs, as well as to like/follow/interact with over 1.5 million users

1000+KOL/Media highly recommended!

1000+ KOL highly recommended1000+ KOL highly recommended

Let’s Zoom In!

10W DSP Bluetooth Speaker – The Divoom Ditoo portable Bluetooth speaker with 10w high-performance drivers, makes it pump out more volume; comes with the unique DSP bass boost mode, plays your music with no distortion, even at maximum volume, perfect speaker for any room
DIY Pixel Art Kit – Easy to access to over 1000+ designer in Divoom app community and get inspiration to create amazing pixel art design at your fingertips. We also prepare numerous pixel art creation tools for you in Divoom APP, you are free to spark your imagination with this smart pixel kit
Great Gaming Toy – Built-in classic and nostalgic games, like the legendary Classic Tetris game, useful magic 8 ball, pixel slot, pixel cube… And use with our retro joystick and mechanical keyboards for more fun. Relax yourself from daily trivial and tedious work in no time. Great gift for family!
Ready to Help – Personalize by choosing a favorite clock face or album from Divoom APP. Create routines and alarms to start and end your day. Easy to play music & FM, check the weather and social media notifications, set alarms, and more

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