Audio Fox Wireless TV Speakers – Black

Price: $199.95
(as of Mar 21,2023 12:45:08 UTC – Details)

Audio Fox is a new and innovative patented design in wireless TV speakers, and is made in America. It is for those who want personal volume control without the discomfort and isolation of headphones. Thin adjustable steel straps enclosed in vinyl are used to hold the unit in place on the back of your chair and keep the speakers the desired distance from your ears. It uses broad spectrum hopping technology between 30 channels to find the clearest 2.4Mhz frequency available, and does not require line-of-sight like many other products on the market which use infra-red technology. It is designed for those with loss of hearing, those with differing volume preferences, gamers, for use while others are sleeping, as well as many other uses. Simply plug the transmitter into your television’s audio out port and a 110V power outlet, power up your receiver, and you’ve got personal volume control while others can listen at there own desired level. It is compatible with any television audio output. With a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty, you can’t go wrong! 

Watch TV without wearing uncomfortable headphones
Hear what’s going on around you unlike with wireless TV headphones
Allow others to keep the room volume where they want it
Easy to install. One simple connection and it works!

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